EXTREME Performance Metamorphic Stone Cutting Blades

rock-stone-metamorphic-stone-cutting-bladesAustsaw manufacture Metamorphic Stone Cutting Blades designed for use with Angle Grinders, Brick Saws, Circular Saws, Concrete Saws, Portable Saws, Radial Arm Saws and Tile Saws.

Metamorphic Stone Circular Saw Cutting Blades in the Austsaw range of saw blade technology products include Continuous Rim, Ultra Thin, Super Turbo Boxer and Super Turbo Diamond Blades as well as Segmented General Purpose and Trade (Green, Red, Black and White) Diamond Saw Blades.

Stonemasons use all types of natural stone: metamorphic, sedimentary (Sedimentary Stone Cutting Blades) and igneous (Igneous Stone Cutting Blades); while some also use artificial stone (Artificial Stone Cutting Blades) as well.

Metamorphic rock is the transformation of an existing rock type, the protolith, in a process called metamorphism, which means "change in form". The protolith is subjected to heat and pressure causing profound physical and/or chemical change. The protolith may be sedimentary rock, igneous rock or another older metamorphic rock. Some examples of metamorphic rocks are gneiss, slate (Slate Cutting Blades), marble (Marble Cutting Blades), schist, and quartzite.

Many metamorphic rock stone types can be used for paving, flooring, building stone and other building products such as bench tops and slate roof tiles.

The Australian Saw Company range of Austsaw Metamorphic Stone Cutting Circular Saw Blades are specially designed to cut metamorphic stones.

For EXTREME metamorphic stone cutting performance, purchase from one of our Rock/Stone Cutting Blade stockists today. Circular Saw Blades for Cutting Metamorphic and other Stone are available in a range of diameter, bore and teeth sizes. You’re sure to find the perfect Circular Saw Blade for your application.

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