EXTREME Performance Timber Cutting Blades

wooden-timber-plank-cutting-bladesAustsaw manufacture Timber Cutting Blades designed for use with Circular Saws, Electric Mitre Saws, Radial Arm Saws, Portable Saws and Table Saws.

Sawn Plank Timber Circular Saw Cutting Blades in the Austsaw range of saw blade technology products include Austsaw Rotary Hacksaw Blades, PCD Polycrystalline/Diamond Blades, TKB Thin Kerf Timber Cutting Blades, Universal Cutter Blades and Aluminium Cutting Blades (Triple Chip).

In Australia timber is a term used for sawn wood products. Timber is supplied either rough or finished. Rough Timber is the raw material for furniture-making and other items requiring additional cutting and shaping. It is available in many species, usually hardwoods (Hardwood Cutting Blades). Finished Timber is supplied in standard sizes, mostly for the construction industry and is primarily softwood (Softwood Cutting Blades) from coniferous species including pine.

The Australian Saw Company range of Austsaw Sawn Plank Timber Cutting Blades are specially designed to cut timber planks.

For EXTREME timber plank cutting performance, purchase from one of our Timber Cutting Blade stockists today. Timber Circular Saw Cutting Blades are available in a range of diameter, bore and teeth sizes. You’re sure to find the perfect Timber Cutting Blade for your application.

Australian Saw Company Pty Ltd - Manufacturer and Supplier of Austsaw Timber Circular Saw Blades for Cutting Sawn Timber Planks.