Austsaw Cobalt Blades

EXTREME stainless steel and mild steel cutting circular saw blade technology


The Austsaw Cobalt Blade is made from the highest quality high speed steel. Austsaw can custom make blades with any amount of teeth for your cutting application.

Designed for CUTTING

  • Metal, Aluminium (Pipes) and Steel (Stainless Steel, Mild Steel / Structural Steel, Guardrail, Pipes, Rods / Reinforcing Bars).

EXTREME performance

Austsaw Cobalt Blades are finished at our factory on a state-of-the-art CNC machine under oil. This manufacturing process produces cutting blades that provide the best possible cut whether it is flat, round or hollow steel with ease. The Austsaw Cobalt Blade is a must have blade for extreme stainless steel cutting performance.

Only to be used with Cold Saw Machines at approx. 36-90 RPM.

  • Can be Resharpened.

Available in sizes;

Product Code Diameter Kerf/Bore Teeth
COB30032180 300mm K2.5  B32 180
COB30032220 300mm K2.5  B32 220
COB30040180 300mm K2.5  B40 180
COB30040220 300mm K2.5  B40 220
COB31532180 315mm K2.5  B32 180
COB31532220 315mm K2.5  B32 220
COB31540180 315mm K2.5  B40 180
COB31540220 315mm K2.5  B40 220
COB35032180 350mm K2.5  B32 180
COB35032220 350mm K2.5  B32 220
COB35040180 350mm K2.5  B40 180
COB35040220 350mm K2.5  B40 220
COB40040220 400mm K3.0  B40 220

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