Austsaw HSS High Speed Steel Blades

EXTREME high speed aluminium pipe and steel cutting circular saw blade technology


The Austsaw High Speed Steel Blades are made with a typical hardness of Rc 63-66, hollow ground side relief and a central hub with drive slots or pin holes to suit all popular machines.

Designed for CUTTING

  • Metal, Aluminium Pipes and Steel (Stainless Steel, Mild Steel / Structural Steel, Guardrail, Pipes, Rods / Reinforcing Bars).

EXTREME performance

The Austsaw HSS Blade produces the best possible cut whether it be flat, round, solid or hollow metal. These blades are ideal for sawing all metals up to a tensile strength of 900N/mm2, manual and automatic cut off saws for solid bar and sections.

Austsaw High Speed Steel Blades can be manufactured and supplied with any number of teeth.

Only to be used with Cold Saw Machines at approx. 36-90 RPM.

WE RECOMMEND Lubricant be used on non ferrous metals.

  • Aly-Lube is ideal when cutting aluminium and other non ferrous materials.

Available in sizes;

Product Code Diameter Kerf/Bore Teeth
HSS20032180 200mm K2.0   B32 180
HSS22532180 225mm K2.0   B32 180
HSS25032180 250mm K2.0   B32 180
HSS25032220 250mm K2.0   B32 220
HSS25040180 250mm K2.0   B40 180
HSS25040220 250mm K2.0   B40 220
HSS27532180 275mm K2.5   B32 180
HSS27532220 275mm K2.5   B40 220
HSS27540180 275mm K2.5   B40 180
HSS275230220 275mm K2.5   B32 220
HSS30032180 300mm K2.5   B32 180
HSS30032220 300mm K2.5   B32 220
HSS30040180 300mm K2.5   B40 180
HSS30040220 300mm K2.5   B40 220
HSS31532180 315mm K2.5   B32 180
HSS31532220 315mm K2.5   B32 220
HSS31540180 315mm K2.5   B40 180
HSS31540220 315mm K2.5   B40 220
HSS35032180 350mm K2.5   B32 180
HSS35032220 350mm K2.5   B32 220
HSS35040180 350mm K2.5   B40 180
HSS35040220 350mm K2.5   B40 220
HSS37032180 370mm K2.5   B32 180
HSS37032220 370mm K2.5   B32 220
HSS40040180 400mm K3.0   B40 180
HSS40040220 400mm K3.0   B40 220

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