Austsaw PCD Polycrystalline / Diamond Blades

EXTREME drywall, fibreglass, plastic and wood circular saw blade technology


Austsaw Polycrystalline Diamond Blades will make your cutting job cleaner, easier and faster with minimal dust. It’s a must have for all builders, cabinetmakers and renovator’s!

Designed for CUTTING

  • Drywall - Plaster / Board / Tiles (Blue / Green Board, Cement Sheet / Board, Compressed Sheet, Plasterboard)
  • Fibreglass
  • Plastic
  • Wood (Engineered Wood Products - Hardboard, MDF, Chipboard / Particle Board, Plywood, Softwoods, Hardwoods, Sleepers, Timber Planks, Weather Board).

EXTREME performance

Our PCD fiber cement blades are specially designed for fiber cement ripping and crosscutting. The polycrystalline diamond tips can run up to 50-100 times longer than carbide blades. The Austsaw PCD gives you a faster and cleaner cut!

The tips are made of superior man-made polycrystalline diamond (PCD), the body of the blade is hardened tempered steel. You will experience extreme cutting performance.

For use with Circular Saws, Table Saws and Electric Miter Saws.

  • Cuts with Minimal Dust
  • Super Fast Cut
  • Low Heat Retention
  • Hand Made Polycrystalline Diamond Tips.

Available in sizes;

Product Code Diameter Bore Teeth
PCD160 160mm (6”) 20/16mm 4PCD 4TCT
PCD185 185mm (7 ¼”) 20/16mm 4PCD 4TCT
PCD205 205mm (8”) 20mm 6PCD 6TCT
PCD235 235mm (9 ¼”) 25mm 6PCD 6TCT
PCD255 255mm (10”) 25.4mm 6PCD
PCD305 305mm (12”) 25.4mm 8PCD
PCD350 350mm (14”) 25.4mm 8PCD

Australian Saw Company Pty LtdPolycrystalline Diamond Blade Manufacturer and Supplier of Saw Blade Technology Products.