Austsaw Scribe Blades

EXTREME engineered wood circular saw blade technology


Austsaw Scribe Blades are a hardened tempered steel blade with oversized tips that last longer. The Scribe Blade produces a smooth clean cut without chipping and less vibration.

Designed for CUTTING

  • Wood (Engineered Wood Products - Hardboard, Melamine Board (Up to 15mm), Laminated Board, MDF, Chipboard / Particle Board and Plywood).

EXTREME performance

Made from hardened tempered steel with oversized anti corrosion teeth, and vibration reduction slots you will experience extreme cutting performance.

For use with Panel Saw and Table Saws.

  • Can be resharpened 5 times more than other blades on the market
  • Panel Saw Scribe Set available.

Available in sizes;

Product Code Diameter Bore Teeth
SC12020212 120mm 20mm 24
SC120222212 120mm 22.2mm 24
PSCS3020 300mm(12") 120mm 30/20mm 96/24
PSCS30222 300mm(12") 120mm 22.2mm 96/24

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