Australia's First Dedicated Heavy Metal Blade

Introducing Australia’s first dedicated heavy metal blade, featuring an optimum cutting-edge angle engineered for extreme, durable performance.

The Austsaw Extreme Heavy Metal Blade can achieve 14 metres of cutting through 20mm thick mild steel, making it a must-have power saw accessory.

With advanced tooth technology, the extreme performance on all ferrous metal applications will have your jaw on the floor.

The blade is ideally suited for use on dedicated metal cutting circular saws; however, it can be used on any 185mm circular saw.

To optimise the blade’s life and achieve cleaner cuts, a dedicated metal cutting saw, such as the Milwaukee M18FMCS66 or Makita 40V CS002GZ, is recommended.

This is due to the motor speed, and torque specifically set to give optimal performance in metal cutting.

The premium cermet tips are perfect for cutting rebar, square tube, steel pipe, steel plate, metal angle and c-channels.

Suitable for any industry, including demolition, gas and welding, iron and steelworks, fabricators, builders and tradespeople.

The Austsaw Extreme Heavy Metal Blade features include:

  • 185mm (7-1/4″ x 36 teeth)
  • 20mm bore with 16mm bush
  • 0-degree rake, 1.85mm kerf
  • Max cut thickness 20mm (steel plate 10-20mm, metal angle 10mm wall, square tube 5mm wall, steel pipe 5mm wall)
  • Use with cordless or circular saw
  • Cermet tipped blade: Premium cermet carbide tips give exceptional life and clean, cool and burr free cutting
  • Advanced tooth technology: High-impact resistant tips and brazing to handle thick metal cutting
  • Unique tooth geometry: Reduces cutting resistance and increases life in heavy metal
  • Japanese blade technology

Our expert product development team has put the Austsaw Extreme Heavy Metal Blade to the test, pushing it to its limit and getting incredible results.

Product Development Specialist, Brad Hockey, said testing started with a Milwaukee 18V Circular Saw and a fresh Austsaw Extreme Heavy Metal Blade.

Brad placed 20mm mild steel in a vice at a comfortable height and began cutting.

After every 10 cuts, the swarf catcher attached to the side of the tool was emptied of any chips, and was allowed to cool before continuing—the metal remained cool after cutting.

“The blade cut very easily up to approximately 50 cuts and started to slow down minimally,” Brad said.

“At approximately 90 cuts, the blade started producing hot-sparking chips although it was still cutting easily…the blade was then retired at 140 cuts.”

The Milwaukee’s 12.0Ah 18V Battery achieved 25 cuts with the Austsaw

Extreme Heavy Metal Blade before the battery needed charging.

Additionally, the Makita 40V Portable Circular Saw was partially tested and achieved 50 cuts with its 5.0Ah 40V Battery, reaching 28 cuts before needing a charge.

With first-of-its-kind features tested and proven to outperform, the Austsaw Extreme Heavy Metal Blade will help you get the job done.